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"Philosophy for a happy life; something to love, something to look forward to, and something to do" EP

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 ELVIS 1970-1977:


   The 1970s were a decade of change for Elvis.

He had made a successful transition out of the movie contracts into live performing. 

He was married and was blessed with a daughter…Lisa Marie.

He had ruled Las Vegas and all of his concert appearances were sold out and he was 

the highest paid entertainer in history (at that time).

Going into the 70’s Elvis was fit, happy, and optimistic, vocally in great shape, 

energized, passionate, and confident.

Within a few years, after the start of the 70’s, Elvis life would turn…upside down.

His marriage would fail – he would file for divorce – his health deteriorated – and 

his monetary pressures increased.

The story of Elvis’ life in the 1970’s, as was the case throughout his life, cannot be 

fully discerned in only one website and/or online series of posts. However, we will 

be adding new content to this page and make it a cornerstone of our site so please 

check back often.


In reflection here are some of Elvis’ inner most thoughts, and questions, many of which Elvis was never able to answer in his lifetime.

Elvis Aron Presley, or as he preferred to use his middle name later on in his life of "Elvis Aaron Presley", remains the Greatest Entertainer who ever...lived.


Elvis always said "if you cut me I'll bleed". Elvis always questioned "Why"? And "why did God choose me"?



Elvis left many unanswered questions and though he was blessed with many talents he also suffered in every conceivable manner (i.e. the guilt of his twin dying at birth, growing up dirt poor, his Mother’s death on 8/14/1958, being drafted into the US Army at the height of his fame, wasting many of his best years in "less than great" movie rolls, getting divorced from his wife, being a Father to a child he never got to see every day yet loved her with every breath he took, monetary issues due in part to Colonel Parkers' inequity in giving Elvis his share of revenue(s) along with not maximizing his own tax write off options, touring from 1969 - 1977, his health issues, his depression, his inability to find a "permanent soul mate", his insomnia and sleep apnea, the betrayal he felt concerning "Elvis What Happened", his CBS taping of Elvis in Concert in 1977 knowing he was bloated and in bad health, investigations into the sale of his plane, etc. etc.).



Elvis will forever be missed and yet loved and his name never forgotten by those who saw him in person and generations to come who will listen to his songs, wonder if he "really ever existed", and respect and appreciate his body of work that encompassed three decades.


Elvis' Hawaii Vacation March 1977:


Elvis was exhausted, in declining health, and needed/wanted a vacation.

In usual Elvis fashion he would not commit to where he wanted to vacation at but tell everyone to "be prepared" and give the departure dates and times. He thought it was a nice surprise for everyone.

Preparation began in earnest about the middle of February.

After months of false hints, Elvis finally announced that Hawaii was the chosen location.
Members of the group were dispatched in advance to the islands, making arrangements to accommodate a party of approximately 38 people. Like everything involving Elvis planning, preparation, and coordination was essential...and demanded.

The departure date of 3rd March was set.

By 6.00pm everyone had assembled at Graceland and timing coordinator, Dick Grob, passed the word to start loading the plane. Billy Smith who was over seeing Elvis' preparation, signaled that Elvis would be ready at 7.30am as planned.

Those not personally accompanying Elvis to the plane left for the airport and boarded.

Elvis came downstairs at Graceland, said goodbye to his grandmother, and left for the short ride to the airport,

Around 8.00pm the door to Elvis' Convair 880, the “Lisa Marie” was closed.
The private plane taxied through the rain on the first leg of the first and last trip to Hawaii with Elvis

The “Lisa Marie” flew westward landing at Oakland International Airport in California.

It was now close to Midnight, Memphis time. Fuel was added and two other passengers from Los Angeles Boarded.

They had just arrived by a commercial flight, to connect with the Lisa Marie Plane.

The additional passengers filled the plane to capacity of 29 people; in addition to the crew of 5. which was necessary for this flight.

Shortly before 1.00am Memphis time, the “Lisa Marie” was again airborne, westward over the Pacific Ocean.

When it landed in Hawaii the plane was met by the four members of the advance party who had been alerted by phone.

The “Lisa Marie”, with Elvis and the group, arrived in Hawaii in the early morning hours of 4th March 1977.

Elvis left his plane and went directly to his suite on the 31st Floor, RAINBOW TOWERS, HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE HOTEL which included a spectacular view.

The remaining group occupied 15 other rooms on the same floor with equally spectacular views.

After two days at the hotel, Elvis rented a Beach House in Kailua, Hawaii on the other side of the island of Oahu.

Elvis lived in the house with his girl friend & cousin Billy Smith, his personal security guard; Dick Grob, and four others.

The remaining group travelled daily the route from the hotel, across the mountains through Pali Pass, to the Beach House.

Elvis spent the days on the Beaches of KailusBay, or lying in the sun by the pool at the house on Kaapuni Drive. He took time out from the Beaches to go shopping at the Ala Mona Shopping Centre in Honolulu, and several stores in the town of Kailua.

Elvis also purchased clothing, sunglasses, and other items for himself and others in the group.
He also enjoyed a night of native dances and native food at the Polynesia Cultural Centre,
at Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus, located near Laie, Hawaii

While staying at the Beach House, Elvis talked with everyone, watched television, listened to music and generally relaxed.

He played ping pong with those staying at the Beach House and enjoyed barbecues at night.

He also ate his regular diet of cheeseburgers, pizza, and bacon and eggs during the time he was in Kailua.

On the Beach he relaxed enjoying conversation with his friends, and played touch football with all the guys.

This was a no-quarter game, full of the rough-house tactics and laughter, that Elvis loved so much.
Several players including Elvis sustained minor injuries from running into fences, palm trees, and occasionally other players.

The pictures in The Last Vacation were taken on the vast white sand beaches of KAILUA BAY
showing Elvis relaxed, content, and enjoying the companionship of his close friends. The laughter, recreation, and good times found on the Beaches carried over into the house.

Elvis got sand in his eye and cut the vacation short by wanting to get back to Memphis to have it checked out by his trusted Physcians so on the 13th of March, the entire party checked out of the hotel and departed Hawaii for the mainland.

Jerry Hopkins 2nd book had this Page of Info...
It was decided that Elvis and his party would leave from Oakland because it was two hundred miles closer to Honolulu than Los Angeles. He was taking the Lisa Marie and wanted every margin of safety in fuel loading. Not one to do anything by halves, however, Elvis took thirty-one others with him, and had Joe Esposito reserve more than a dozen rooms in the Hilton Rainbow Tower and rent a house on the beach.

The beach house, in Kailua, about half an hour's drive from Honolulu, was for Elvis and Ginger and her sisters, plus one bodyguard, the former Palm Springs policeman Dick Grob. The others stayed in the hotel and came over during the day or joined Elvis on his rare public forays. One evening, for instance, they were sneaked into the Polynesian Cultural Center to watch the Polynesian show. Other times, he took Ginger and her sisters and some of the others to one of the small shopping centers in Kailua, buying presents for everyone and, on one occasion, paying the bill for a stranger who was making a pur­chase for his wife.

Most of the ten days in Hawaii were spent close to home, sitting on the beach, playing Ping-Pong at the house, or touch football on the sand. Those who had been with Elvis for some time said later that his health improved during the vacation, said his color was better, his eyes brighter and clearer.

There was another observer who hadn't seen Elvis in some time, and he was shocked. This was Kalani Simerson, a onetime performer who operated a successful limousine service. He had known Elvis, and had worked for him, since the early 1960s, when Elvis made his first films in Hawaii.

The last time he had seen Elvis was when he weighed a trim 170 or so for the satellite television show. As before, Kalani was again called to make some of the arrangements for Elvis's visit, and because of his long­standing friendship, he was invited to join Elvis on the beach socially.

"We played football," Kalani says, "and it was sad, very sad. Elvis was overweight and just unable to function normally. I guess it was all that medication they said he took. Somebody'd throw him the ball and he'd catch it and start running and he couldn't stop. He just wasn't able to control his own body. One time he ran right into a cyclone fence and cut his hand."

On the fourteenth day, Elvis got some sand in his eyes and abruptly the vacation was ended. Five days after that he was back on tour again.

ED PARKER in his 1978 BOOK (Inside Elvis) ..remembers all the following Details
It was January, 1977; we were in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elvis had just completed a show and he looked haggard... spent. "I need a rest," he confessed.
"Aw, it's nothing a few weeks in Hawaii couldn't cure," I parried.
"Yeah, yeah, I've been thinking about that. And Ginger's never been there. It would be kind of nice if I could take her over there and show her the Islands."

That was the opening I had been looking for. I left It up to Elvis to bring up the subject of Ginger. But once the subject was raised I used every opportunity to remind her of the attractions the Islands had to offer. I mentioned that Ginger was my favorite flower and that it grew wild in the Islands, and that haunting fragrance was one of the memories that tourists took home with them.

We talked about the beautiful white sand beaches, the lush flower Island, and the opportunities available to relax away from the tempo of mainland life. Elvls' casual desire for a trip to the Islands soon matured Into a full-blown plan for departure. Ginger became excited as the possibility shifted toward becoming a reality.

In the latter part of February I got a call from Charlie Hodge. "It looks like the boss has finally made up his mind, Ed. Then again, he may change it. But as it stands now, plan toward going to the Islands about the first of March. Elvis wants Lellanl to come. Can you make it?"

"We'll do it!" I said.

We met Elvis in Oakland, California, during the second week in March. He decided that Oakland should be the departure point because it is 2OO miles closer to Oahu than Los Angeles, That gave an extra margin of safety in fuel loading. Because of the extensive remodeling Elvis had done on the Lisa Marie, the guest list for this trip would be limited to 28 individuals (not including the 5 crew members). Elvis had invited with him on this escape trip those individuals he felt he could trust. They were a small nucleus of those whose love for Elvis had never wavered. They and their families were to be Elvis' guests for 10 days, at the Hilton Rainbow Towers in Honolulu.

This was an incredibly expensive trip. Fuel alone for the round trip was nearly 825.OOO. Elvis also leased a house on the opposite side of the Island. This became his retreat during the day. There he could relax and enjoy himself without the ever present threat of hotel guests interrupting him. These were happy relaxing days for Elvis. He basked in the sun, played football, walked around in "grubbies" and sampled many island delicacies that he had never tasted before.
There was no formality at our gatherings.

We sat on the ground cross legged and ate native style with our fingers. Elvis sampled guava cake and haopia cake, a delicacy that is laced with fresh coconut. I offered to treat Elvis to poi, knowing what his reaction would be. I was right, he rolled his eyes and said, "No thanks, I'm not going to be putting up any wallpaper today!"

Elvis made periodic forays to the small shopping centers on the windward side of the Island. He wanted to take Ginger and her sisters, Tille and Rosemary, on a shopping spree. Elvis played Santa Claus, and he loved the role.

While shopping he noticed a man buying items for his wife. Elvis waited until the man was about to pay his check, stepped in and insisted on buying it for him. The man was dumbfounded; he ran across the street, called his wife and told her what had happened.

By the next day the story had gone all over the Islands. That was not what Elvis had intended. His sole purpose in shopping at this out of the way place was to retain some semblance of privacy and anonymity. His generous nature had gotten the best of him.

As the days progressed, I could see the color returning to Elvis' cheeks.

His complexion had improved, and he had begun to regain some of his stamina.

ED PARKER in his 1978 BOOK..remembers all the following Details..Part 2..
I finally had an opportunity to do something for my friend who had done so much for me. One of the key attractions on the Islands is the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's one of the few places in the world where the ancient island culture is retained. I suggested to Joe that this would be a unique opportunity for Elvis and the rest of his party. I wanted them to be my guests. The next day Elvis said that Joe had talked to him and that he was pleased with the suggestion. "This would be great for Ginger," Elvis said. "We haven't had a chance to go anywhere and see anything.

Do they have all of the old island dances there, Ed?"

"They've got dances from all of the islands there, Elvis —Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Maori, dancers from New Zealand; but, Elvis, wait till you see the dancers from Tonga. They come out with spears and fans and they are all painted up. The gals will never forget it!"

"We're looking forward to it, Ed."

It took two days to work out the security details to enable Elvis and his party to enjoy themselves without being Imposed upon. The Polynesians at the Cultural Center were very coopera­tive. Elvis, the night of the performance, laughed and joked and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It pleased me to see my friend more relaxed than he had been for years. He was still not his former self, but there was a vast improvement. We arrived under cover of darkness.

The show had already started. But there still amassed a body of fans waiting for Elvis on the outside. Word had gotten out, and they insisted on seeing the King. Unlike mainland fans, they admired him from a distance, respected his privacy, and let him enter the show unmolested. Elvis commented on this courtesy many times before his death.

The show was spectacular. Immediately before inter­mission a member of the staff lead us to a first aid room to await the second half of the show.

We were served pineapple halves filled with ice cream. During the intermission, Elvis asked me about something he had seen that intrigued him.

"Ed, I saw this haole guy talking to a big Samoan dude and he spoke like a native. How come?"
"Elvis, that was one of the missionaries from our church. He served a two year mission in Samoa. After they're there for a few months, they speak like natives."

"That's someth'n else! Two years huh? Does it pay pretty good?"

I had to smile at that question, "They pay their own way, they receive absolutely no pay whatsoever while they're on their mission."

Well, how do they live?" Elvis asked.

"They either save the money before they go, or their family supports them during that period of time."

Elvis thought for a moment, "That's really something!"

The show resumed and I watched my friend in the reflected glare of the fire dancers' torches. He was happy. He was at peace. And for the first time in many months he was thoroughly enjoying himself. For a change he was being entertained instead of entertaining others. Those special moments were soon but a memory.

We returned to the mainland, and Elvis resumed his hectic pace.

The trip had been good for him. He slept better, he had more stamina, and I felt that his health had improved greatly..

LARRY GELLER chatting with ELVIS

4th MARCH 1977
Rainbow Towers Hawaiian Village Hotel, Honolulu
We're here at last on a vacation that was long overdue.
Everyone is drained from the grueling effects of being on the road and the enormous pressures of working for Elvis under unforeseen, horren­dous conditions.
The one-nighters; the debilitating winter cold; taking care of Elvis, an exhausting job unto itself—all have taken their toll. Everyone looks older than they are.
Elvis is a driven man and he needs this rest more than anyone else.
He desperately requires more than a short vacation in Hawaii. Hopefully this will signal some kind of change, because his condition is getting worse, and this short surcease from agony is just the tonic—for the time being. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."
I can see on everyone's face the relief of just being in this tropical paradise.
The Rainbow Towers has a spectacular view from the thirty-first floor. Elvis spent most of the daylight hours on his balcony today with its panoramic view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.
His suite was open to any of the entourage, and their wives and girlfriends, who cared to come in and visit with him.
He is so happy being here, pointing out the various points of interest to all from his balcony. Ginger has two sisters, Terry and Rosemary, with her, and Elvis is taking great pride and joy in providing this trip for them.
Actually, there are thirty-eight of us: what a family Elvis has adopted.
Everyone is hopeful that Elvis will take full advantage of this golden opportunity to get outdoors, exercise and eat better, instead of his typical fried-food diet and stuffing himself with cheeseburgers and fried potatoes right before he goes to sleep.
Health and nurturing are everywhere. The air is clean and aromatic, and the Hawaiian fragrance of pineapples and tropical flowers in this atmo­sphere has already enveloped all of us.
It's so seductive.
5th MARCH 1977 part 2
Feeling fantastic in Hawaiian bliss, dressed loose and comfortably in my new Hawaiian floral shirt. As I entered Elvis' suite, he had just come out of his bedroom to have some breakfast. A few of the guys were hanging around on the balcony. As I approached Elvis, he smiled and greeted me with "Aloha, L.G."
"Aloha, E."
Some weeks ago, when I gave Elvis a complete kit of vitamins and minerals for his birthday, he took them for only two days. Now I felt this was an ideal opportunity to direct him toward a healthier regimen. I placed in front of him on, the coffee table a packet of vitamins and minerals I had prepared.
"Take this power pack, Elvis. It will pick you up and give you some natural energy. I put in some extra E and a potent combination of the B complex, vitamin C and some minerals. If you take these every day, they will help strengthen you. "
Elvis opened the vitamin pack and gulped them down with fresh orange juice.
Then he looked over to me with a grin and said, "I want to get these down before Dr. Nick comes in.
Remember last year when we were on tour and you came in with a load of vitamin pills like these for me? And Dr. Nick said, 'That crap doesn't work; he doesn't need those'? Well, you know, he's a doctor, and most of them are locked into the old traditional-medicine ways .of doing things, that's how they've been trained. I don't want to hear him bitch and complain again. Doctors think they know everything."
For the remainder of the day Elvis stayed in his suite relaxing, spending a lot of time sitting on the balcony, enjoying the view and this incredible tropical air wafting through the open balcony win­dows.
The majority of the group spent the day on the beach in front of the Rainbow Towers, went shopping and then went out for dinner at the various restaurants that are part of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel.
6th MARCH 1977 part 3
Elvis decided to rent a beach house in Kailua on Kaapuni Drive, on the other side of the island.
This will provide the privacy he requires, so that he can lie in the sun by the pool or go down to the beach
This afternoon we all played football together for the first time in well over a year.
Elvis played so hard that Joe told him to go slowly, because he wasn't used to moving his body like that and it was dangerous for his heart.
But there's no stopping Elvis once he has his mind set on something.
7th MARCH 1977 - OAHU part 4
Elvis was sore today due to yesterday's vigorous football clash.
In fact, most of us feel the effects of roughhousing it yesterday.
We all sat by the ocean most of the afternoon relaxing and joking with one another, and by the expressions on everyone's face it looks as though we died and went to heaven.
I can't remember the last time Elvis was outdoors in the sunshine, playing and enjoying himself so much. It's like the old days. God willing, this will shake him out of his stupor.
Strangely, he won't expose his body. No matter how hot it is, he wears his athletic pants, a short-sleeve sweatshirt, a terrycloth hat with the brim turned down and his sunglasses. Is there some other reason than the beach being open to the public?
8th~9th MARCH, 1977 Kailua Bay Part 5
Author/inventor Bernard Benson invited Charlie, Celest and me to his beach house a few miles from Elvis'. Bernard has arranged a special meeting for us with the leading Tibetan Buddhist master of the Hawaiian Island, Rimposhe, who escaped Chinese invasion of Tibet. We first met Bernard in Las Vegas last December, and he's been an avid Elvis fan ever since.
Rimposhe does not speak English, which, in the long run, doesn't matter. He is a small, radiant man. I could not take my eyes off him. He was clothed like a lama, wearing the traditional saffron robe. His face was a very fine Mongolian type, and beautifully formed: a high brow with piercing yet happy eyes, and his face lit up as if the energy of the sun was shining from it. He smiled a smile of one who knows.
We all sat together in Bernard's large living room overlooking the magnificent Kailua Bay. Everyone was silent for an hour or so. The meeting had a tremendous healing effect on me, and I realized that the silence and the electricity in the air were releasing layers of tension and frustrations that had gradually accumulated. I felt it slowly melting and dissolving as I sat with this mysterious, still, silent man. I saw him turn to his attendant devotee, a young Tibetan clad in an orange robe and with a shaved head. I saw his lips move but could not hear his softly whispered words.
The young monk said, "Master said, 'One can never "know" truth that is beyond the mind; the mind can only create an idea of truth, an image of truth. Truth is the creativeness behind all creation, yet that which is created is not truth. Only the uncreated is creative, and that is the truth. Therefore, discover in the silence of the mind the true unity in all things. Disregard personal separation. Live in the conscious realization of your oneness with the Creator of all mankind.' "
The young monk then said to me, "You should do a meditation, 'Om mani padme om.' "(Translated, it means "The jewel in the center of the lotus," a symbol of the divinity within the flesh.)
10th MARCH, 1977 Kailua Bay Part 6
Elvis' Beach House, Kailua Bay
This afternoon Charlie and I related our experience at Bernard's to Elvis and asked if he wanted an audience with the Master. Elvis was hesitant.
"Not now, Charlie. I have a little trouble with that one. I don't need to meet any masters right now."
"I'm on the right path." He waved a spiritual book he was holding and clutched the chai he was wearing around his neck. "I'm sure you had a good experience and they're good people, but not now—maybe some other time."
11th MARCH 1977
Ed Parker, a strict Mormon who was raised in Hawaii, set up an evening for Elvis and the entire group to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center at the Hawaii campus of Brigham Young University. We all piled into a caravan of vehicles at about 8 p.m. and drove for about thirty minutes to the Center.
Through Ed's organizing with the campus and local security and Elvis' personal security staff, we were secretly ushered into the open-air pavilion, so that Elvis went unnoticed among the hundreds of tourists—until he reached his seat.
Within moments his presence became known. News spread like wildfire, and most eyes were glued to our special section in the grandstands where Elvis was enjoying himself, instead of on the exciting show 13th MARCH, 1977 Kailua Bay Part 7
Elvis decided it was time to leave paradise. The next tour begins on the twenty-third, and he wants to spend some time back home at Graceland.
One by one, he presented everyone with a special gift.
Afterward he said, "I gave everyone gifts so that they would have something to remember our trip to Hawaii and us all, happily, being together.
"This trip cost a good one hundred thousand, but money is not what matters.
Before we left they even had me sign that "WILL". Y'know, just in case, flying over the ocean and all that. Only it's the times like this, sharing not the money, but the good times, that transcend money."
Back on the mainland, we all returned to our homes to prepare for the next tour, a nine-day swing through Middle America. Though everyone enjoyed the vacation, and Elvis did get to relax, it wasn't nearly enough. End

Ginger Alden Interview about this vacation:
QUESTION: Can you tell us a little about THE LAST VACATION? Elvis seemed to be in excellent spirits,
Resting and Sunbathing with you on the Beach and having a lot of fun.
GINGER: My time with Elvis was so special and the Hawaiian Vacation was alot of fun.
Elvis knew I had never been to Hawaii and wanted to take my whole family but only my sisters could go at this time.
We left on my sister Terry's Birthday, the 3rd of March. He was in a great mood, despite the fact, he had mentioned that more of his group had asked to go along and he reluctantly let them.
My Sisters and I stayed with Elvis in the back of the Lisa Marie during the flight as he joked, laughed and sang.
The trip was so beautiful, but unfortunately cut short when Elvis irritated one of his eyes and we had to return to Memphis.
I felt he genuinely had a good time on this trip and it was so wonderful to see him relax, go out to a shopping mall and sing. I have never forgotten the thrill of that Vacation.
ROSEMARY: (Ginger's Sister) Yes, Elvis wanted to take our whole family but they couldn't leave their jobs so Terry and myself went along with Ginger. We had a great time in Hawaii seeing Elvis relax and take in some sun.
Rosemary, can you tell us about the Famous Photograph
- when Elvis has dived on top of you ?
Yes, I have taken a lot of ribbing over the years with that photo!
We were at a Vacation Home in Hawaii and a few of us were talking with Elvis.
I noticed that he kept cutting his eyes over in my direction when he suddenly got up,
started to walk past me then threw himself on top of me!
Elvis and I were laughing so hard and I just more or less spontaneously,
Threw my leg into the air and someone took the photo.
I still can't help but laugh every time I see that picture!
Did you see any sign of Elvis' Drugs Problems.......
..Never .....I never saw it... as a matter of fact, I remember when we were there, he said, "Joe, why don't you order up some of those drinks with the Umbrellas in them?"
So Joe ordered some Mai-tais, or whatever they were, and Elvis would sit there and take a little sip of it and you could tell he couldn't stand it, you know.
I've had people say to me that he drank a lot too.
I never saw him drink and I remember that Mai-tai thing, that's the only time I saw him drink alcohol and he'd drink it like I did, one sip at a time, not really enjoying it.
But it was a Fun Vacation, kind of neat because we ended up leaving the hotel and renting a House so Elvis could go out more.
He tried to be more active, he tried to play football with the guys.

Now this is starting to sound like a Me, Me, Me Interview, but you know the photos taken in Hawaii?
And Joe will attest to this to, I swear to god that it's true.. Joe used to do a lot of photography, and we were on the beach and he was taking photos of me.
Elvis was sitting there with Ginger and Rosemary and Elvis would say
"Hey Joe, why don't you take a picture of Me and Shirley?"
INTERVIEW with Shirley...
.....In another he is singing "IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT"
Elvis was actually going to record that song for me. I used to say to him "You know Elvis, you would sing that song so well, that song was made for you" and he would say, "You know, give me the music on that, I might wanna do it."
Here's the funny thing about it; he told me that he was going to record it, and he told Charlie Hodge to get the music.
The night he passed away, the music was laying right next to his bed.

Some extra comments (various Sources)
ELVIS made plans during the stay to show Ginger the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial
Which was only cancelled at the last minute !
Everyone remarked on how relaxed Elvis seemed:
At times he appeared to enjoy Terry Alden's company almost as much as her sister's
Ginger got Elvis to play Ping-Pong with her ~ despite Elvis saying that he felt foolish,
swinging at a little ball that he could hardly ever keep on the table.
Joe is quoted as saying "The holiday was a painful exercise in Nostalgia"
Dr. Nick got concerned when Elvis got some sand in his eye!
and thought the Cornea might be scratched...
saying it might be better for Elvis to return to Graceland to recuperate!
With Characteristic generosity Elvis picked out a gift for each member of the party
to serve as remembrance of the good times that they had had......
and promised GINGER that next time they would have the experience for themselves.

ELVIS' LAST WILL was signed and witnessed... "3rd March 1977"
...Earlier in the same day... before they flew to HAWAII.

Other Hawaii Vacations/Trips by Elvis
Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel - Waikiki Beach - Ohau
Ilikai Hotel (adjacent to the Hawaiian Village) - Waikiki Beach - Ohau
Coco Palms Resort (closed / devastated by Hurricane Iniki) Wailua - Kauai
1957: Hawaiian Village Hotel : Honolulu / Shofield Baracks concert
1961: Hawaiian Village Hotel : Bloch Arena concert /
1961: (continues from Concert...) Blue Hawaii (+ movie scene) / Coco Palms Resort (movie finale)
1962: Hawaiian Village Hotel : Girls, Girls, Girls
1965: Ilikai Hotel: Paradise Hawaiian Style
1968: Ilikai Hotel: Vacation (May)
1969: Ilikai Hotel / Coco Palms Resort: Vacation (May)
1969: Hawaiian Village Hotel : vacation (Oct)
1972: Hawaiian Village Hotel : November Concert / press conference
1973: Hawaiian Village Hotel : Aloha from Hawaii (January arrival / rehearsals)
1977: Hawaiian Village Hotel : Vacation arrival / - entourage stayed at the Rainbow Tower
(Elvis and selected friends moved to his rented Kailua beach house afterwards)



Elvis @ Jaycees (he received the award for being named one of the oustanding young men)

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  Elvis meets Nixon:



  The story of Elvis Presley meeting Richard Nixon amazingly was kept out of the press for (approximately) one year. This infamous meeting occurred in the Oval Office on December 21, 1970.


The story began in Memphis a few days earlier, when Elvis' father, Vernon, and wife, Priscilla, complained that he'd spent too much on Christmas presents—more than $100,000 for 32 handguns and ten Mercedes-Benzes. Peeved, Elvis drove to the airport and caught the next available flight, which happened to be bound for Washington. He checked into a hotel, then got bored and decided to fly to Los Angeles.


"Elvis called and asked me to pick him up at the airport," recalls Jerry Schilling, Presley's longtime aide, who dutifully arrived at the Los Angeles airport at 3 a.m. to chauffeur the King to his mansion there.


Elvis was traveling with some guns and his collection of police badges, and he decided that what he really wanted was a badge from the federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs back in Washington. "The narc badge represented some kind of ultimate power to him," Priscilla Presley would write in her memoir, Elvis and Me. "With the federal narcotics badge, he [believed he] could legally enter any country both wearing guns and carrying any drugs he wished."


After just one day in Los Angeles, Elvis asked Schilling to fly with him back to the capital. "He didn't say why," Schilling recalls, "but I thought the badge might be part of the reason."


On the red-eye to Washington, Elvis scribbled a letter to President Nixon. "Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out," he wrote. All he wanted in return was a federal agent's badge. "I would love to meet you," he added, informing Nixon that he'd be staying at the Washington Hotel under the alias Jon Burrows. "I will be here for as long as it takes to get the credentials of a federal agent."


After they landed, Elvis and Schilling took a limo to the White House, and Elvis dropped off his letter at an entrance gate at about 6:30 a.m. Once they checked in at their hotel, Elvis left for the offices of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. He got a meeting with a deputy director, but not approval for a bureau badge.

Meanwhile, his letter was delivered to Nixon aide Egil "Bud" Krogh, who happened to be an Elvis fan. Krogh loved the idea of a Nixon-Presley summit and persuaded his bosses, including White House Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman, to make it happen. Krogh called the Washington Hotel and set up a meeting through Schilling.


Around noon, Elvis arrived at the White House with Schilling and bodyguard Sonny West, who'd just arrived from Memphis. Arrayed in a purple velvet suit with a huge gold belt buckle and amber sunglasses, Elvis came bearing a gift—a Colt .45 pistol mounted in a display case that Elvis had plucked off the wall of his Los Angeles mansion.


Which the Secret Service confiscated before Krogh escorted Elvis—without his entourage—to meet Nixon.

"When he first walked into the Oval Office, he seemed a little awe-struck," Krogh recalls, "but he quickly warmed to the situation."


While White House photographer Ollie Atkins snapped photographs, the president and the King shook hands. Then Elvis showed off his police badges.


Nixon's famous taping system had not yet been installed, so the conversation wasn't recorded. But Krogh took notes: "Presley indicated that he thought the Beatles had been a real force for anti-American spirit. The President then indicated that those who use drugs are also those in the vanguard of anti-American protest."


"I'm on your side," Elvis told Nixon, adding that he'd been studying the drug culture and Communist brainwashing. Then he asked the president for a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.


"Can we get him a badge?" Nixon asked Krogh.

Krogh said he could, and Nixon ordered it done.


Elvis was ecstatic. "In a surprising, spontaneous gesture," Krogh wrote, Elvis "put his left arm around the President and hugged him."

Before leaving, Elvis asked Nixon to say hello to Schilling and West, and the two men were escorted into the Oval Office. Nixon playfully punched Schilling on the shoulder and gave both men White House cuff links.


"Mr. President, they have wives, too," Elvis said. So Nixon gave them each a White House brooch.


After Krogh took him to lunch at the White House mess, Elvis received his gift—the narc badge.


At Elvis' request, the meeting was kept secret. A year later, columnist Jack Anderson broke the story—"Presley Gets Narcotics Bureau Badge"—but few people seemed to care.


Here is a transcript of each page of the letter that Elvis wrote to then President Nixon:


Dear Mr. President.


First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Elvis Presley and admire you and have great respect for your office. I talked to Vice President Agnew in Palm Springs three weeks ago and expressed my concern for our country. The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. do not consider me as their enemy or as they call it the establishment. I call it America and


Page # 2 - I love it. Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out. I have no concern or motives other than helping the country out. So I wish not to be given a title or an appointed position. I can and will do more good if I were made a Federal Agent at Large and I will help out by doing it my way through my communications with people of all ages. First and foremost, I am an entertainer, but all I need is the Federal credentials. I am on this plane with


Page # 3 - Senator George Murphy and we have been discussing the problems that our country is faced with.

Sir, I am staying at the Washington Hotel, Room 505-506-507. I have two men who work with me by the name of Jerry Schilling and Sonny West. I am registered under the name of Jon Burrows. I will be here for as long as long as it takes to get the credentials of a Federal Agent. I have done an in-depth study of drug abuse and Communist brainwashing


Page # 4 - techniques and I am right in the middle of the whole thing where I can and will do the most good.

I am Glad to help just so long as it is kept very private. You can have your staff or whomever call me anytime today, tonight, or tomorrow. I was nominated this coming year one of America's Ten Most Outstanding Young Men. That will be in January 18 in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee. I am sending you the short autobiography about myself so you can better understand this


Page # 5 - approach. I would love to meet you just to say hello if you're not too busy.


Elvis Presley


P. S. I believe that you, Sir, were one of the Top Ten Outstanding Men of America also.

I have a personal gift for you which I would like to present to you and you can accept it or I will keep it for you until you can take it.


Mr. President


These are all my PVT numbers

Beverly Hills278-3496
Palm Spring’s
Pvt #
Pvt. #
Col P.S. #325-4781
Col B.H. #274-8498
Col. Off M.E.M.870-0370

Room 505-506
Under the name of Jon Burrows

Attn. President Nixon
via Sen. George Murphy


Elvis Presley




Moving Gif circa 1972

VIDEOs (misc courtesy of YouTube)

Elvis in pictures:



    Elvis 1970 - 1977                                                        

Elvis Presley Concert Appearances (1970 through 1977):


January 26 - February 23: International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

February 27 - March 1: Astrodome, Houston, TX

August 10 - September 7: International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

September 9: Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Phoenix, AZ
September 10: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
September 11: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
September 12: Miami Convention Center, Miami, FL
September 13: Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, FL
September 14: Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL

November 10: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA
November 11: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
November 12: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA
November 13: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA
November 14: The Forum Arena, Los Angeles, CA
November 15: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
November 16: Fairground Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
November 17: Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO


January 26 - February 23: International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

July 20 - August 2: Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, NV

August 9 - September 6: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

November 5: Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis, MN
November 6: Public Hall Auditorium, Cleveland, OH
November 7: Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY
November 8: The Spectrum, Philadelphia. PA
November 9: Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY
November 10: The Boston Garden, Boston, MA
November 11: Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY
November 11: The Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH
November 12: Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
November 13: Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX
November 14: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
November 15: Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO
November 16: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT


January 26 - February 23: International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

April 5: Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
April 6: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
April 7: University Of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH
April 8: University Of Tennessee Stokely Athletic Center, Knoxville, TN
April 9: Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton Roads, VA
April 10: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
April 11: Civic Center Coliseum, Roanoke, VA
April 12: Fair Grounds, Indianapolis, IN
April 13: Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
April 14: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
April 15: Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA
April 16: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
April 17: T.H. Barton Coliseum, Arkansas, AR
April 18: Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
April 19: Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM

June 9 - 11: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
June 12: Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
June 13: Roberts Municipal Stadium, Evansville, IN
June 14 - 15: Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI
June 16 - 17: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
June 18: Tarrant County Center, Fort Worth, TX
June 19: Henry Lewitt Arena, Wichita, KS
June 20: Civic Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK

August 4 - September 4: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

November 8: Municipal Coliseum, Lubbock, TX
November 9: Tucson Community Center, Tucson, AZ
November 10: El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, TX
November 11: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA
November 12 - 13: Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, HA
November 14 - 15: Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
November 17 - 18: H.I.C. Arena, Honolulu, HI


January 12: Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI
January 14: Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI

January 26 - February 23: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

April 22: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
April 23 - 24: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
April 25 - 26: Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
April 27: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
April 28: Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA
April 29: Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
April 30: Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO

May 4 - 20: Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, NV

June 20: Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL
June 21: Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA
June 22 - 23: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
June 24 - 26: Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
June 27: Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH
June 28: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
June 29 - 30: Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA

July 1: Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN
July 2: Myriad Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
July 3: Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA

August 6 - September 3: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV


January 26 - February 9: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

March 1 - 2: Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK
March 3: Astrodome, Houston, TX
March 4: Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA
March 5: University Memorial Coliseum, Auburn, AL
March 6: Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL
March 7 - 8: Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA
March 9: Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
March 10: Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, VA
March 11: Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA
March 12: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
March 13: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
March 14: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
March 15: University Of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
March 16 - 17: Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, TN
March 18: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
March 19: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
March 20: Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, TN

May 10: Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA
May 11: Forum, Los Angeles, CA
May 12: Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
May 13: Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA

May 16 - 27: Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, NV

June 15 - 16: Tarrant County Center, Fort Worth, TX
June 17 - 18: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
June 19: Civic Center, Amarillo, TX
June 20: Veterans Memorial, Des Moines, IA
June 21: Convention Center, Cleveland, OH
June 22: Civic Center, Providence, RI
June 23: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
June 24: Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY
June 25: St. John's Arena, Columbus, OH
June 26: Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Hall, Louisville, KY
June 27: University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN
June 28: Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI
June 29: Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO
June 30 - July 1: Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE

July 2: Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT

August 19 - September 2: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

September 27: College Park Field House, Baltimore, MD
September 29: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
September 30 - October 1: Notre Dame Athletic Center, South Bend, IN

October 2 - 3: Civic Center, St. Paul, MN
October 4: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
October 5: The Expo Center, Indianapolis, IN
October 6: University Of Dayton, Dayton, OH
October 7: Levitt Arena, Wichita, KS
October 8: Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
October 9: Exposition Center, Abilene, TX
October 11 - 14: Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, NV


March 18 - April 1: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

April 24: Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA
April 25: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
April 26: Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, FL
April 27 - 28: Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
April 29: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
April 30 - May 2: The Omni, Atlanta, GA

May 3: Civic Center, Monroe, LA
May 4: Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA
May 5: State Fair Coliseum, Jackson, MS
May 6 - 7: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
May 30 - June 1: Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL

June 2: Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL
June 3: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
June 4 - 5: Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
June 6: Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX
June 7: Hirsch Coliseum, Shreveport, LA
June 8 - 9: State Fair Coliseum, Jackson, MS
June 10: Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, TN

July 8: Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK
July 9: Hulman Civic Center, Terra Haute, IN
July 10: Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, OH
July 11 - 12: Civic Center, Charleston, WV
July 13: Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY
July 14 - 15: Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
July 16 - 17: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
July 18: Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, OH
July 19: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, NY
July 20: Scope Cultural Convention Center, Norfolk, VA
July 21: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
July 22 - 24: Ashville Civic Center, Ashville, NC
August 18 - 20: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

December 2 - 15: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

December 31: Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, MI


March 17 - 19: Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN
March 20: Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
March 21: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH
March 22: Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, MO

April 21: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
April 22: City Auditorium Arena, Omaha, NE
April 23: McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO
April 24: San Diego Sports, San Diego, CA
April 25: Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
April 26: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA
April 27: Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA

April 30 - May 9: Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, NV

May 27: University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN
May 28: Iowa State University, Ames, IA
May 29: Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK
May 30: Ector Country Coliseum, Odessa, TX
May 31: Municipal Auditorium, Lubbock, TX

June 1: Community Center Arena, Tucson, AZ
June 2: Civic Center Grand Hall, El Paso, TX
June 3: Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX
June 5 - 6: The Omni, Atlanta, GA
June 25: Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
June 26: Civic Center, Providence, RI
June 27: Landover Capital Center, Largo, MD
June 28: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
June 29: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
June 30: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

July 1: Hirsch Coliseum, Shreveport, LA
July 2: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
July 3: Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX
July 4: Oral Roberts University Mabee Center, Tulsa, OK
July 5: Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, TN
July 23: Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY
July 24: Civic Center, Charleston, WV
July 25: Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
July 26 - 27: Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY
July 28: Civic Center, Hartford, CT
July 29: Civic Center, Springfield, MA
July 30: Veterans Memorial Hall, New Haven, CT
July 31 - August 1: Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton Roads, VA

August 2: Civic Center, Roanoke, WV
August 3 - 5: Cumberland County Memorial Coliseum, Fayetteville, NC
August 27: Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
August 28: Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
August 29: Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL
August 30: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
August 31: Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA

September 1: Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
September 2: Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, FL
September 3: Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, FL
September 4: Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
September 5: State Fair Coliseum, Jackson, MS
September 6: Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL
September 7 - 8: Convention Center, Pine Bluff, AR

October 14 - 15: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
October 16: Duluth Arena, Duluth, MN
October 17: Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
October 18: Sioux Falls Arena, Sioux Falls, SD
October 19: Dade County Coliseum, Madison, WI
October 20: Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN
October 21: Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI
October 22: University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
October 23: Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, OH
October 24: Roberts Municipal Auditorium, Evansville, IN
October 25: Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
October 26: University Of Dayton, Dayton, OH
October 27: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

November 24: Reno Centennial Coliseum, Reno, NV
November 25: University of Oregon MacArthur Court, Eugene, OR
November 26: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
November 27: University of Oregon MacArthur Court, Eugene, OR
November 28 - 29: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA
November 30: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
December 2 - 12: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

December 27: Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
December 28: Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX
December 29: Civic Center, Birmingham, AL
December 30: The Omni, Atlanta, GA
December 31: Civic Center Arena, Pittsburgh, PA


February 8: Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL
February 13: Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL
February 14: Bay Front Center, St. Petersburg, FL
February 15: Sports Stadium, Orlando, FL
February 16: Garretti Coliseum, Montgomery, AL
February 17: Civic Center, Savannah, GA
February 18: Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, SC
February 19: Civic Center Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN
February 20 - 21: Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

March 23: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
March 24: Civic Center, Amarillo, TX
March 25 - 26: University Of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
March 27: Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene, TX
March 28: Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX
March 29 - 30: Rapides Parish Coliseum, Alexandria, LA

April 21: Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
April 22: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
April 23: University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
April 24: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
April 25: Saginaw Center, Saginaw, MI
April 26: Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI
April 27: Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI
April 28: Brown County Veterans, Green Bay, WI
April 29: Duluth Arena, Duluth, MN
April 30: Civic Center, St. Paul, MN

May 1 - 2: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
May 3: Saginaw Center, Saginaw, MI
May 20: University Of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
May 21: Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY
May 22: Capital Center, Largo, MD
May 23: Civic Center, Providence, RI
May 24: Civic Center, Augusta, ME
May 25: Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY
May 26 - 27: Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY
May 28: Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
May 29: Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
May 30: Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
May 31: Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL

June 1: Coliseum, Macon, GA
June 2: Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL
June 17: Southwest Mo. State University, Springfield, MO
June 18: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
June 19: Omaha Civic Center, Omaha, NE
June 20: Pershing Municipal Auditorium, Lincoln, NE
June 21: Mount Rushmore, Rapid City, SD
June 22: Sioux Falls Arena, Sioux Falls, SD
June 23: Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA
June 24: Dade County Coliseum, Madison, WI
June 25: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH
June 26: Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN




Elvis: Would you like me to sit down? ... First of all, I plead innocent of all charges! Okay ...

Q: I love you Elvis!

Elvis: Thank you dear, I love you too. Thank you. Okay.
Q: Elvis, what took you so long to play New York City?

Elvis: I think… I think it was a matter of not getting the building, the proper building. We had to wait our turn in order to get the building.

Q: You couldn't get a building in all these years?

Elvis: Couldn't get a good building in fifteen years! No, all kidding aside, we had to wait our turn to get into the Garden, you know?

Q: What do you think of performing here live?

Elvis: Oh I like it you know, I enjoy it ... I just hope we put on a good show for everybody.

Q: Mr. Presley, why do you think you've outlasted every other entertainer to still gain enormous popularity?

Elvis: I take vitamin E! No, I was only kidding. I just… embarrassed myself, man. I don't know dear. I just enjoy the business. I like what I'm doing.

Q: I hear from a lot of press reports that you really are a shy, humble, wonderful human being. Would you agree with that?

Elvis: Oh I don't know what makes them think that, I got, you know, this gold belt and (Elvis stands, unbuttons his jacket and shows off his Las Vegas gold belt. A female press photographer jumped up and took several pictures)

Elvis: What are you doing woman?

Q: I'm reminded of the Ed Sullivan show today…

Elvis: So am I, that's why I'm sitting down, man!

Q: Elvis, you seem to have less grease in your hair these days.

Elvis: No, I stopped using that greasy kids' stuff just like everybody else did, man.

Q: You used to be bitterly criticized so much for your long hair and gyrations and you seem so modest now.

Elvis: Man, I was tame compared to what they do now! Are you kidding? I didn't do anything but just jiggle, you know?

Q: Give us a jiggle! No, how do you feel about entertainer today? How do you feel about the way they perform?

Elvis: Oh, I don't know. I really can't criticize anybody in the entertainment field. I think there's room for everybody and I hate to criticize another performer, you know?

Q: Are you satisfied with the image you've satisfied?

Elvis: Well, the image is one thing and the human being is another, you know, so ...

Q: How close does it come? How close does the image come to the man?

Elvis: It's very hard to live up to an image, I'll put it that way.

Q: Do you think that your audience, or fans vary to any great extent?

Elvis: It's according to what you're talking about, I don't know. No, I don't know, I'd like to think so.

Q: What I mean is, what kind of audiences do you attract now?

Elvis: Well, I've found that in the audiences we have, it's mixed. It's older people, younger people and the very young and all types of people you know, which is good.

Q: Do you have any new projects? What are you up to now Elvis?

Elvis: I just had a movie of the last tour that I did. It's the first live concert that we ever filmed, so that's my next project that's coming out.

Q: Elvis, what finally made you come out of seclusion and decide to make personal appearances again?

Elvis: I just missed it. I missed the closeness of an audience, of a live audience. So just as soon as I got out of the movie contracts, I started to do live concerts again.

Q: Will you be continuing to do more live work in the future?

Elvis: I think so. There's so many places I haven't been yet. Like I've never played New York. I've never been to Britain either.

Q: Would you like to go there then?

Elvis: I'd like to, yes sir. I'd like to very much. I'd like to go to Europe, I'd like to go to Japan and all those places. I've never been out of the country except in the service.

Q: Mr. Presley, as you've mentioned your time in the service, what is your opinion of war protesters and would you today refuse to be drafted?

Elvis: Honey, I'd just sooner keep my own personal views about that to myself cause I'm just an entertainer and I'd rather not say.

Q: Do you think other entertainers should refuse to be drafted?

Elvis: No, I can't even say that!

Q: Elvis, they filmed your Boston concert last year so why aren't they allowed to film here?

Elvis: Are you allowed to what dear?

Q: Why did they film your Boston concert but they aren't allowed to film here?

Elvis: I don't know, that's a good question! Why is that Colonel?

Colonel Parker: I didn't hear. What's the question?

Elvis: She said why did they film the show in Boston but they couldn't film it here?

Colonel Parker: If they filmed it here, I don't want them spreading it around!

Elvis: There you go!

Q: Elvis, do you think you'll ever totally change your style?

Elvis: I just don't feel that it's time yet, you know? Maybe I will someday but not right now.

Q: Elvis, have you ever considered pursuing a political career?

Elvis: No sir. I don't have any other aspirations in politics or anything of that nature.

Q: Would you ever consider doing a more demanding movie role then?

Elvis: Yeah. I'd like to do something in the way of a movie script if I can find the right kind of property. In fact, we're looking for it now. You're talking about a non-singing type thing? Yeah, I'd like to do that.

Q: Elvis, you seem to have shied away from rock'n'roll music in recent times. Do you have a reason for this?

Elvis: It's very difficult to find that type of song. It's hard to find good material nowadays for anybody, for all of us, you know.

Q: But you don't seem to record any rock'n'roll songs at all now.

Elvis: It's very hard to find any good hard rock songs. If I could find them I would do them.

Q: Elvis, who do you find sexy in the world of show business?

Elvis: I don't know. There's a lot of people that I like…I got out of that one didn't I?

Q: There are a lot of stars today joining politics. Are you campaigning or…?

Elvis: No sir I'm not. I'm not involved in that at all, I'm just an entertainer.

Q: Elvis, what do you miss most about your past fifteen years making movies and so forth?

Elvis: I don't really miss that much about it. I enjoy it just as much now, if not more than I did then. I would like to think that we've improved ourselves over the past fifteen years.

Q: How about musicals?

Elvis: That's what I mean. I mean musically and vocally and everything. I'd like to think that I've improved over the past fifteen years.

Q: Elvis, you mentioned earlier that you'd like to go to Japan. Would you ever consider embarking on a concert tour over there?

Elvis: Yeah, I'd love to go there.

Q: Do you ever feel like taking time off to relax and probably try your luck at escaping the autograph hunters for a while?

Elvis: No, I've got used to it. I would kind of miss it if it didn't happen. If nobody saw me or nobody recognized me or whatever and ask for an autograph… it's part of the business and I accept it. I think I would miss it.

Q: Elvis, do you know if they'll be recording concerts here?

Elvis: It's possible you know, it's possible. I don't know! They have RCA Victor officials here, so I don't know.

Q: Elvis.

Elvis: Yes sir?

Q: What is your favorite recording that you've ever done?

Elvis: It's Now Or Never. You know O Sole Mio?

Q: Which one was the biggest selling?

Elvis: That one. O Sole Mio was the largest selling and the next one to it was Don't Be Cruel. I think, then Hound Dog and Heartbreak Motel or whatever!

Q: Elvis, what time did you arrive in New York?

Elvis: I came in last night very late and had to go to bed, cause we're having a rehearsal now and I have to go back to the rehearsal after this press conference… unless you've got something better in mind?

Q: Is your wife with you?

Elvis: No she's not.

Q: You mentioned earlier, Elvis, the shortage of recording material. There's just been a suit filed in Nashville, Tennessee by Nashville songwriters for major recording companies saying that they're not given a fair chance. In your estimation and in your knowledge, are the songwriters, the independent songwriters given a fair chance with major recording companies?

Elvis: I don't think so. I think there's so many companies that everybody becomes independent. Once they have one hit record and they form their own companies and there's so many. And also the people who write them are starting to record their own songs and that's why I said it's more difficult to get good material.

Q: From independent songwriters?

Elvis: Yes.

Q: You don't have any publishing houses yourself, do you?

Elvis: Yes, I'm a publishing firm but I'll take songs from anywhere or from any writer if they're good. It doesn't have to be in my company, it could be just completely an unknown person or anybody who writes a song. If they can get it to me and if its good, I'll do it.

Q: To your knowledge though, have recording companies favored the songwriters that work for the subsidiary publishing houses they may own? Do they favor these songwriters?

Elvis: Probably so. Probably so, and being honest I would have to say, yeah.

Q: Mr. Presley, what is your opinion on the suit filed by the Nashville songwriters committee and do you have any say on the matter?

Elvis: Honey, I'm really not aware of this particular suit that you're talking about so I can't answer you accurately, you know? I don't even know the details about it. I went to Hawaii to get a tan for… New York, yeah! So I'm not aware of it, really.

Q: If a songwriter isn't in publishing then, do you agree that their material should not be used by major record companies?

Elvis: I don't think so. If they're not heard and if they've got good material and they're good songwriters, I think they should be heard.

Q: Elvis, can you give us a few lines of your latest record so that we know what to expect when your next single comes out?

Elvis: I really can't sitting down! No, I can't do that. I'd just sooner save it for the show.

(The photographers at the front had been taking pictures for around fifteen minutes when the Colonel spotted that those at the back of the ballroom had been unable to get any good shots)

Colonel Parker: Would it be a nice suggestion if some of these people who have pictures would step aside and let some of these other people get their photos? Please step aside. Come on up with the cameras. Come over here with ‘em.

Elvis: As soon as the Colonel gets through talking, I'll talk to you.

Q: Elvis, where did you get that gold belt from?

Elvis: The belt is an award from the International for the attendance record. It's like a trophy but I wear it just to show off.

Q: Elvis, do you talk to your father?

Elvis: Do I talk to my father? I have to, he handles all my personal affairs.

Q: Can we ask your father a question or two then?

Elvis: Sure.

Q: The other Mr. Presley, at what point did you realize that your son was indeed becoming a very, very famous person?

Vernon Presley: Well, it's kind of hard to say. You know, it all happened so fast it's hard to keep up with it, you know? It just boomed overnight, and there it was! So I'd say maybe 1956 after the first television show.

Elvis: I tried to tell him sooner but he wouldn't listen!

Q: Do you have any regrets?

Vernon Presley: No, I have no regrets of it. In fact, I have enjoyed it, really.

Elvis: All kidding aside, it happened very fast to all of us. My mother, and my father and all of us. You know, everything happened overnight and so we had to adjust to a lot of things really quickly. A lot of good things.

Q: Mr. Presley, do you think that in that time, Elvis has changed in any way at all?

Vernon Presley: No, not really. I can't tell any changes.

Elvis: I sweat more!

Q: Elvis, what kind of songs do you enjoy doing most? Would you prefer top do say, rock or ballads? In other words would you favor a contemporary ballad such as Bridge Over Troubled Water or an oldie such as Hound Dog?

Elvis: It's a conscious thing, you know? I like to mix ‘em up. In other words, I like to do a song like Bridge Over Troubled Water or American Trilogy or something, then mix it up and do some rock'n'roll, do some of the hard rock stuff.

Q: Are you tied of the old stuff?

Elvis: No. I'm not in the least bit ashamed of Hound Dog or Heartbreak Hotel or whatever.

Q: Elvis, do you see yourself retiring at all?

Elvis: No, not really. I've got too much energy. I don't think so. Not as long as I can.

Q: How about doing a world tour then?

Elvis: I think they're planning one now, they're talking about this one now.

Q: Elvis, are there any new groups that you like particularly?

Elvis: I can't…there's a lot of ‘em. I can't think of any off hand
Colonel Parker: I'd like to live to my reputation of being a nice guy. This is it folks!

Elvis: I've got to go back to rehearsals folks. Thank you very much.

FYI - Elvis performed four shows at Madison Square Garden.
Two of these have been released; the first, Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden in 1972
and in recent years (The afternoon performance) has been released on CD as Elvis - An Afternoon at the Garden.Both are currently still available on CD.


    The death (sadly) of Elvis Presley August 16, 1977: