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   ELVIS - Rare and Unique:

Every Elvis Presley Album Cover through 1977:
 NBC TV Special

  This is the LARGEST COLLECTION on the Internet that you can view without "pop-ups" or constant "clicks". Pure and simple QUALITY Elvis

Elvis was ALWAYS into "quality". Elvis CREATED style...not followed it. Some of these items were among his most..treasured.

Looking at these items today it is "sad" that the man who bought them, owned them, wore them, drove them, etc. has been gone from us...for so very long. However, each of these items (individually and collectively) allow a "glimpse" of the man/entertainer himself. Thus, we deemed it "worthy" to include them on our site.

It is, and will always be, our intent to providc FACTUALLY correct information/documentation and ENCOURAGE all Elvis fans to partake of all of the "opportunities" afforded by those in which Elvis had a "personal/professional/etc."...interest. It is our belief that the more that the fans TRULY see, of Elvis and his extraordinary life, FIRSTHAND the more that they will respect/appreciate his accomplishments and his lifelong examples of charity and friendship.
Video that contains some rare photographs with backstory of each one.
Auction Info:
  Collecting Elvis Presley - The Basics:

Congratulations on your desire/intent to start, continue, etc. collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia!

The "beauty" of collecting Elvis Presley items is that (a) it is never boring (b) new things are always forthcoming (c) there are so many categories - sub categories to chose from and (d) there are many "resources" to turn to for questions/fun/advice/etc. Whatever your "passion" is, for Elvis, odds are that you can find it on online such as records, books, photographs, DVDs,  Cd's, etc.

Please check out our page entitled "Elvis Links" for the list of Elvis Presley themed websites that meet and/or exceed our STRINGENT criteria. For us to recommend any of these sites they have EARNED our respect, admiration, and acknowledgment herein.



Here are some "guidelines" concerning collecting Elvis Presley memorabilia/collectibles that may save you some time, money, and minimize any (potential) aggravation:


Memphis Mafia - Marty Lacker is a diehard HONEST Elvis Presley advocate who we have the utmost respect for. Sadly, Lamar Fike recently passed away and he was an excellent source of Elvis knowledge as is Red West, Sonny West, and Billy Smith. We highly encourage you to support their endeavors for they truly are irreplaceable sources of Elvis Presley knowledge/information/documentation.



Photos - We will continue to update, and improve, our website with rare and unqiue content with the goal of having the largest source of; photographs, audio files, rare documents, and Elvis autographs available to view on the internet.


Memorabilia - Paul Litcher is a WONDERFUL source at ElvisUnique. Paul is an ELVIS AUTHORITY and has been for many many years now. We are eternally thankful to Paul Litcher as we have used his books, starting in the 70's, as a "bible" for cross referencing/authenticating Elvis Presley Memorabilia.


Autographs - PLEASE ensure that only after you have "crossed all of your T's and dotted all of your I's", concerning Elvis Presley, before you ever start to TRY to collect/invest in this "category". There are a few, in our opinion, "legit" sources for "authentication" (including but not limited to the aforementioned Paul Litcher) concerning Elvis' autographs (excluding any photographs that were issued/imprinted with salutations such as "Sincerely, Elvis Presley - which was very common with RCA, Boxcar, Colonel Parker, etc.).

Records - Our priority would be 78's followed by 33's LP (stands for Long Play) followed by 33's followed by 45's followed by Cd's followed by cassettes followed by 8-tracks. Our "time frame" priorities would be 1954-1959, then 1969, then 1970-1973, then 1967-1968, then 1960-1962, then 1963-1966, then 1977, then 1976, then 1974, then 1975. But, again, you should "follow your heart" OR in this case "ear" for what YOU like.

Books/DVDs/Cd's - Two words for exceptional books, accurate and unbiased, and those words are ALANNA NASH. Alanna Nash is an exceptional writer and her books are available on so please check them out.



It may not be "cool", according to some but there is nothing "wrong" - and everything "right" about going against the grain, but your local Library is a GREAT place to start. Several of our Libraries offer, in addition to books of course, the ability to check out (for weeks at a time) DVDs and Cd's about Elvis Presley.




When you find the items that you "can't live without", and we CAUTION you here because it may be that everything you hear/read about Elvis you "can't live without", then (a) confirm that you have the monetary means - without harming your financial resources - FIRST and FOREMOST and if so then (b) go online to do a product search - and then buy it! If you find an item you really want, but it is just a bit out of your budget, then see IF the Seller allows you to "make an offer". If so, then make sure that you review the shipping/handling charges, and disclosures, in addition to the price itself.

Misc - Anything by Joe Esposito is a MUST! Joe was Elvis' best friend, co-worker, and just a wonderful asset who we are THANKFUL was in Elvis' life and continues to share his experiences with Elvis fans. Priscilla Presley wrote an honest, heart-felt, and memorable book entitled "Elvis and Me". June Juanica, who was Elvis love starting in 1955, also is a big THUMBS UP (both the book and the DVD). There are various books, etc. by the (renowned) "Memphis Mafia"  as well as by the (always talented and beautiful) Sandi Pichon. Red West and Sonny West are also great sources. Lastly, Charlie Hodge (who has passed away sadly) left us with several "insightful" items/publications as well.

The "hard truth" about collecting Elvis Presley items is that very few of us will ever have the "monetary means" to actually OWN things like Elvis jumpsuits, original jewelry, automobiles, personal effects, etc. But collecting Elvis memorabilia (again) should be "from the heart" and if it makes you happy, and it's legal, then great. There are so many Elvis items available that one could NEVER own everything (contrary to what others have stated) and it would be (virtually) impossible.

Elvis left us (3) three decades of works (i.e. music, movies, etc.) so you have allot of things to choose from.

Lastly, THANK YOU for being an Elvis Presley Fan and may God bless you.

GRACELAND photo montage:

Actual Graceland blueprints

 (Mediation Garden @ Graceland circa 1967)
Meditation Gardens @ Graceland very rare photograph
Rare photograph of Elvis' limo parked in back of Graceland
Meditation Gardens circa 1979
  Rare photograph at Graceland showing some of Elvis' cars and motorcycles
GRACELAND Disclosure:
Out of respect for Graceland, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie and her children/family, Jack Soden, EPE, etc. we ENCOURAGE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you visit GRACELAND in person.
Also please visit the Official Elvis Presley Website. Hence, we have purposely "minimized" anything associated with Graceland (as it pertains to photographs, videos, etc. excluding original articles that are of a factual basis concerning Graceland) because nothing comes "close" to the experience of being at Graceland (i.e. taking the tour of Graceland and seeing everything firsthand). Lastly, we would like to (again) express our thanks to everyone employed with, associated with EPE, Graceland, etc. for allowing Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide to visit Elvis' home since (approximately) 1982.
Elvis Presley Items - RARE & UNIQUE:
Elvis' Birth Certificate                                                                          Elvis' 3rd grade report card (i.e. 1943-1944)
This is a picture of the actual X-ray that was taken when Elvis accidently swallowed his tooth cap. At the time there were possibilities that this would require a surgurical procedure that could adversely affect his singing career (fortunately this was not the case
Two X-rays of Elvis hand and leg AND an X-ray of his chest.
Elvis' dental record, x-ray and chart
This is the ACTUAL mold of Elvis' teeth for his crown by Elvis' dentist Dr. Henry Weiss.
This is the ONLY real "mug shot" of Elvis and it was taken when he was caught speeding. He paid the ticket in full and went about his way.
 1956 -1957 auto insurance policy
1957 invoice in regards to Graceland
Elvis signed contract w/Colonel Parker                                                          Elvis contract with handwritten corrections
Unique Ad for Milton Berle Show                                   Rare concert tickets                                                                    1976 Sahara-Tahoe employment certificate
Elvis' last drivers license issued on September 18, 1975
Scatter (Elvis' pet monkey)                        Autograph of Elvis GI Blues promo
Rare photograph of the Hilton Hotel circa 1972
Rare Presley Center Courts (a racquetball business venture of Elvis)     Rare Christmas card from November of 1965
Western Unions/Telegrams:
Western Union from Colonel Parker & Elvis to the Beatles                      1957 Happy Birthday Western Union from Elvis
 ELVIS & the Colonel re: Christmas:
Elvis and Priscilla Astrology Chart from 1965                                                   
 Elvis' football team
Elvis & the martial arts:




Rare photos of Elvis with Ed Parker circa 1971 and please note that Elvis is holding a large knife in both photos





Marriage Certificate                                                                 TCB Oath Tree of Life present given to Elvis from Joe Esposito








    Please note that we are in the process of adding the details of each of these photos

Same car that Vernon bough for Elvis                 Rare newspaper article













Elvis Presley Football Team circa 1960s



Sales contract RARE for Cadillac                                                                          Rare Audubon Drive wooden fence letter












Elvis with his friend...Muhammad Ali:


RARE letter from Muhammad Ali to Jeff Schrembs circa 2005. Truly one of a kind.







Misc items related to Elvis:





Elvis Presley comic panel - truly rare







Elvis' jewelry, rings, watchs and more:






Elvis' Guns & Police misc:



Elvis' Sunglasses:







Elvis' bathroom and barber chair                                               Las Vegas walk of fame star

  Elvis Presley 66-card Bubble Gum Card Set 1956 :



Elvis Presley Bubble Gum Cards are a wonderful addition to any Elvis Presley Collection and it is HIGHLY SOUGHT OUT by Collectors. This set, of 66 cards, each individually numbered, featured scenes from Elvis’ first motion picture entitled “Love Me Tender” (which was originally titled “The Reno Brothers” but was changed, during filming, to the “theme song” - which was originally entitled “Ora Lee” but was changed to “Love Me Tender” entitled “Love Me Tender”.

This 66 card set was made by “Bubbles, Inc.” specifically for Elvis Presley Enterprises (which survives to this day and is also known as “EPE” with the much respected Jack Soden as CEO/President). Complete set of 66 cards (numbered 1-66) featuring concert photos, studio photos and various scenes from the motion picture 'LOVE ME TENDER'. Made by Bubbles Inc. for Elvis Presley Enterprises.

There have been many “misconceptions” concerning this 66 card set including “how is it that Topps Bubble Gum was licensed to produce this set”? The reality is that Elvis Presley Enterprises, through the coordinated efforts of Elvis’ Manager “Colonel Tom Parker” (whose motto was “create competition as long as you control all the competitors”), bought out the competing line thus “Bubbles, Inc.” was really Topps Bubble Gum!

Originally these cards were sold “five in a pack” for the sum of five cents. Single cards were also sold for the sum of “one cent” each.

The categories were: “Ask Elvis” and were numbered from #1 through # 46, “Elvis Career” were numbered from # 47-66. Each of these cards was produced IN COLOR.

Counterfeit Alert: Many counterfeits of these cards exist and they are produced in BLACK and WHITE!
In recent years auction (note: sources are EBay, HAG, etc.) sales have ranged from, for a complete set of 66 cards - authenticated - in excellent condition - UNOPENED in the original wrappers, $ 1,275.00 (one thousand two hundred and seventy five dollars) to (as high as) $ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) .


  31 Unique Elvis facts:

1. Elvis was a black belt in karate who finished his martial art training with a 8th degree black belt through his training with Kang Rhee. He took up martial arts under the shotokan sensei Jürgen Seydal, while fulfilling his military duties in Germany in 1958. He was awarded his black belt before he returned to the United States, in 1960, by the chito-ryu instructor Hank Slemansky. Elvis favorite form of martial arts fighting became American Kenpo who he trained with, later in his life, with his bodyguard/friend Ed Parker.

2. On 21 December 1970 Elvis boarded an American Airlines plane, by himself which he NEVER did, headed for Washington DC. Enroute Elvis asked an American Airlines "stewardess" (that was the termology in the 70's) for some paper. The stewardess brought Elvis a stack of "American Airlines" letterhead from the Captains personal stash. Elvis began to write what would eventually become a six page letter to President Nixon. After landing in Washington DC Elvis made a collect call to Jerry Schilling telling him what he had done and his plans to go to the White House. Jerry Schilling went into a "panic" (initially) but then put a plan into place whereby Jerry would fly to meet Elvis, Elvis would stay in a specific hotel, and they would meet up at the Hotel. Elvis, unannounced, arrived at the gates of the White House and asked to see the President. Needless to say, the guards where SHOCKED to see the King of Rock, in full garb, standing before them. Elvis opted, after being told that no one could be admitted into the White House unless they were "cleared", to leave the letter (addressed to President Nixon) with the guards with the understanding that they would ensure that it was delivered ASAP to President Nixon. Elvis had left many of his "contact numbers", including that of the Hotel in which he was staying - and the alias that he used to register, on the six page letter for "contact follow-up". President Nixon, upon receipt of the hand written letter, first asked if this was "real"? After he was told that it was he made the decision, ultimately, to meet with Elvis. This HISTORIC meeting of the "American Powers" took place and Elvis met President Nixon at the White House. Elvis who was a "collector" of local/state Police Badges, made clear in his letter his desire to be made a “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (now it is called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). During his meeting with President Nixon, Elvis made many comments about "today's entertainers" (including his ridicule of The Beatles who he said were ‘un-American’ for their open drug-taking and anti-Vietnam politics) for their "anti-American" comments/actions/undermining. After several exchanges of gifts, including White House pens/ashtrays/cufflinks/etc., and numerous photographs of Elvis with President Nixon (and some of the Memphis Mafia who were waiting in the "wings" for Elvis to appear after his meeting never thinking that they would be brought into the actual meeting) Elvis was given personal "assurances" that he would be designated (and receive the actual official badge) receive/become ‘Special Agent’ (which he did complete with the badge).

3. Elvis’s first radio play was on Memphis station WHBQ, on the Red, Hot and Blue Right”, Show, in 1954. DJ Dewey Phillips played “That’s All and, a week later Sun Records had received 6,000 advance orders for the single “That’s All Right”/ “Blue Moon of Kentucky” which was, at the time, one of the LARGEST "orders" ever received by a "new recording artist" in the South.

4. The King’s entourage (which included childhood friends, friend from the Army days stationed in Germany, etc.) was known collectively as the Memphis Mafia. All members of the Memphis Mafia sported diamond and gold rings, given to them by Elvis, on which a thunderbolt and the letters TCB had been imprinted. TCB stood for “Take Care of Business”. Sadly, it would be the (sincere and heartfelt and painful) authoring of the book "Elvis What Happened"?, by several "ex-members" of the Memphis Mafia, that was attributed with Elvis' untimely death/demise (note: it is ONLY our opinion that those involved with the writing of this book regardless of how accurate the events/words were in the book should have found another "outlet" to address their concerns about Elvis - his medications/drugs he was taking - his health - etc. - WITHOUT writing a "tell all" book that would (a) monetarily benefit them and (b) cause Elvis to (further) suffer mentally/emotionally/mentally). However, we cannot say what attempts they had made nor their motives as we believe that no one should question the fact that these individuals truly cared for Elvis and wanted the best for him).

5. In 1960, when Elvis was at his post-military trimmest, he weighed a little over 168 pounds (aka 12 stone). When he died, in 1977, he weighed a just under 228 pounds (aka 19 stone).

6. None of Elvis’s feature films or music documentaries was ever nominated for an Oscar in any category. He made 31 movies and two music documentaries. (note in our "humble" opinion the documentary "That's The Way It Is", and "Elvis On Tour", should have received (at a minimum) nominations).

7. Elvis’s first public performance was at the Mississippi-Alabama competition Fair and Dairy Show when he was about ten years old. The young Elvis entered the singing dressed as a cowboy, and had to stand on a chair to reach the microphone. His performance of “Old Shep” by Red Foley earned him second prize.

8. Elvis recorded more than 600 songs in his music career, but didn’t write a single one of them by himself eventhough he was "credited" with a few as a "co-author". Interestingly, Elvis owned several music publishing companys along with his "50/50" partner Colonel Parker.

9. Until his late teens, Elvis was blond.

10. Elvis ate nothing but meatloaf, tomatoes, and mashed potato for two years.

11. Some of Elvis’s bejeweled jumpsuits weighed more than 24 pounds (aka two stone).

12. When Elvis discovered that his wife, Priscilla, had been having an affair with Mike Stone – a karate instructor and mutual friend of the couple – he flew into a rage. The biographer Peter Guralnick claims that Elvis was so angry, he said: “there’s too much pain in me ¿ Mike Stone [must] die.” But when his body-guard, Red West, came back to his boss with a price for Stone’s contract killing, the King’s mood had softened. “Aw hell,” he said. “Let’s just leave it for now. Maybe it’s a bit heavy.”

13. Elvis won three Grammy Awards – for his gospel recordings.

14. He only performed five concerts outside the United States – all in Canada in 1957. At the time of his death, he was planning a European tour. He only set foot on British soil once, when the plane taking him back to the United States from Germany stopped to refuel at Glasgow Prestwick airport. The singer enjoyed a two-hour stop over before re-boarding the military plane.

15. The last film Elvis saw at the cinema was The Spy Who Loved Me. The day before he died, though, he had tried to obtain a print of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, to show his daughter, Lisa Marie.

16. Sometime in the early 1960s, Elvis adopted a chimpanzee called Scatter. Scatter had previously belonged to a Memphis children’s entertainer, and was trained to perform. He also had a penchant for looking up women’s skirts. Elvis found this trait amusing. A well-known wheeze was to gather his female friends together, and then let Scatter wreak havoc among them.

17. Even before the obese later years, Presley was a prodigious eater. In his 20s, he told Country Song Roundup Magazine that he could demolish eight deluxe cheese burgers, two bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches and three milkshakes in a single sitting.

18. Elvis first nourished his taste for outlandish clothes while a student at LC Humes High School in Memphis. He admired clothes at Lansky Brothers on Beale Street, but only had enough money to buy the occasional shirt. When he became famous, he began shopping there more regularly, and continued to use Lansky Brothers his whole life. Indeed, Bernard Lansky, the proprietor, is responsible for some of the more egregious fashion crimes perpetrated by the King. It was Lansky, for instance, who made Elvis’s gold lame jacket.

19. In 1954, when Elvis was cutting some early records at Sun Studios, he auditioned for an amateur gospel quartet called the Songfellows. They turned him down.

20. On 30 July 1954, Elvis played one of his first shows, at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis. He was, apparently, so nervous, that his legs started to shake. The outlandish flares the singer had chosen to wear that evening only exacerbated the shaky movement. The girls in the audience went wild, and Elvis decided to incorporate his shaky-legs routine into future shows.

21. Elvis had a brief affair with the Swedish-American actress and singer, Ann-Margret, as they filmed the kitsch 1964 hit Viva Las Vegas. Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, demanded that the relationship end, but his charge continued to hold a special place in his heart for Ann-Margret. Every time Ann-Margret opened a show in Las Vegas, he would send her flowers arranged in the
shape of a guitar.

22. Elvis was christened Elvis Aron Presley, but his gravestone reads Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis was christened with only one ‘a’ in his middle name, so that he would share a characteristic with his still born twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. Towards the end of his life, Elvis sought to add an ‘a’ to his middle name to make it a biblical name.

23. Not only was Elvis a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln’s great-great grandfather, Isaiah Harrison, he was a distant cousin of Jimmy Carter (OUCH).

24. Led Zeppelin was big fans of Elvis and was desperate to meet him when they toured the US. In 1973, the longed-for meeting came to pass, when Robert Plant and John Paul Jones met the King in Los Angeles. The Zeppelins were rendered speechless by the meeting, but Elvis broke the ice by swapping his $5,000 gold and diamond watch for Jones’s watch – which featured a picture of Mickey Mouse. From that moment on, any member of Led Zeppelin was welcome in the front row of an Elvis concert.

25. Elvis collected marble statues of the Venus de Milo and Joan of Arc.

26. In 1973, Elvis gave Muhammad Ali a $10,000 white robe, with the words “People’s Champion” emblazoned across the back. Ali was touched, and wore the robe on 31 March, when he fought Ken Norton for the first time. Norton broke Ali’s jaw in the second round, before winning a 12-round decision. Ali vowed never to wear the robe again, although he maintained his friendship with Elvis.

27. Elvis’s favorite toothpaste was Colgate. His favorite aftershave was Brut. And his favorite soft drink was Pepsi.

28. This year, the American firearms company America Remembers released a special edition “Elvis Presley TCB Tribute Revolver”. The weapon, a .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum Revolver, is decorated with a picture of Elvis, as well as a lightning bolt, in 24-carat-gold. The weapon is designed, say its makers, to “honor the legend of Elvis Presley, and we are proud to offer it on one of the most powerful firearms ever used in American law-enforcement”. Elvis was himself a keen collector of guns. He had 40 weapons in his arsenal, including M-16s and a Thomson sub-machinegun.

29. The book Elvis was reading at the time of his death was Frank O Adams’s The Scientific Search for the face of Jesus.

30. Elvis wore a cross, the Hebrew letter chai, and a Star of David around his neck. “I don’t want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality,” he said.

31. This was the LAST ELVIS PRESLEY JUMPSUIT ever made. Elvis never had a chance to wear it (and this saddens us greatly)